It All Felt Like Love In A Brokeness, To Me

This YouTube Video was very moving.

I loved listening to Leonard Cohen. I didn’t get into his music until quite late. It was introduced to me by a lover, of the time in my mid forties. We used to lay on the bed, naked together, with his music from an iPod classic fed through a travel speaker as a sound track to our time together; eating, sleeping, smoking and making love. Things that I have since turned away from. Having been discarded by her, and later experiencing what it was to be properly in-love with a beautiful woman who spoke love back me and who’s name was – provokatively enough –  Suzanne. She had a huge stroke within five months of our finding each other and died a year or so after that.

I have wonderful, though slowly fading memories of Suzanne, but Leonards music seems to keep everything alive and real for me. Both where I was then, and where I find myself now, reaching up my hands in praise of the same Father as Leonard, who is in His heaven, from my place of brokeness and possessed of a defiant faith in my loving God.

Leonard was this Gentile’s favourite Jew. I had tickets to go and see him perform in Kent somewhere but the venue was changed to Wembly somewhere at the last minute; the intimacy was lost for me in the bigger venue. I didn’t go. It was the last opportunity as it turned out.

I listened intently to Rabbi Sachs talking about Leonard so lovingly here. I too rejopice in his music and in his magnificent Jewishness that never excluded anyone it seemed. He feels like my brother. It all felt like love in a brokeness, to me. (Sorry for the slogan there Leonard x)

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