The Apostle Paul: Our Own Apostle Commissioned By Christ Jesus To The Gospel That Was Previously Hid With God.

I have been recalibrating my view of the 66 books of our Bible, in prayer, and paying paricular attention to Saul of Tarsus and to how and why he was arrested by Jesus Christ and re-tasked to the Uncircumcision and a completely new ministry and how it is different from the Gospel that it was agreed that the other pre-crucifixion Apostles would continue to preach to the ‘Circumsision’.

As Gentiles it is clear that although all the Word of God is for us, not all scripture is addressed to us. When one understands and accepts this as being true it is amazing how so much that in the past didn’t make any sense now makes perfect sense.

Why didn’t (and does not even in these last days) the denominational Church of my Fathers teach me, a child of the living God, the whole truth of our Gospel? It was, and is still, addressed to me and you!

I recommend considering what Rodney here has to say about it all.


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