Was I Wrong to Quote Scripture To A Minister in The Church?

I wonder what viewers of my stuff might think about this?

I saw a Tweet posted by a member of the Clergy of the Church of England, excitedly preparing for a day out at the London Gay Pride March. If you click on it below you should be able to see the whole thread of comments that followed mine.

I have no way of estimating the extent of upset caused by the words that I tweeted, to an individual that I have never met; my feeling at that time was one of sadness and not of anger. The person in question has sadly seen fit since to block me.

Was I offensive or rude? I certainly was not condemning, I was weeping in prayer at spiritual blindness. Was I, as I was accused of being, judgemental? Or was I simply declining to agree to a particular view, and to join in with a load of folks riding by on a gay pride, political bandwagon?

Am I permitted a differing view, or is theirs now a compulsory one? I would not judge, most regrettably, I have been an adulterer and a fornicator in the past and so I cannot, and will not, throw stones at others. But I have long since turned back towards my Abba Father through His son Yahshua Ha’Mashiach and I have been forgiven and am asked to sin no more.

I just want the wonderful peace that I have been undeservingly gifted with for everyone else too! – it is not at all difficult to obtain, while the door remains open. But it is closing very soon.

I really do harbour no feelings of anger or hatred whatsoever towards, well, anyone really. Yet fury seems to be the immediate retort, towards any contrary view and particularly to one sourced from a Biblical perspective.

Ironic indeed then, when the person offended by little more than Biblical Scripture – that is to say, without much of my own comment attached and certainly no condemnation from me – is a clergy person.

(Double tap the box to see the full thread)

Below is a later unconnected tweet that gave a flavour of said March.

Seriously, knock yourself out! I am not attacking you in any way. Go your way! Have your way! All I am saying – warning perhaps – is that consequences to your decisions in this life are coming … and coming sooner than you think. That is no threat from me, but truth from the creator and Ruler of the Universe.

I will stand for ‘The Truth’ and The Word of Elohim and bless Israel too! It does seem as though in doing those three kindly things, that I am rapidly being parted company from an increasingly insane World. HalleluYAH! It cannot be soon enough for me.

I mean what is his message? Not Good News I would say. Yahshua did not suffer horribly and die for this!

If you have the time, then please do share your thoughts with me.



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