Two Terrifyingly Efficient Predators

I thought how in every day life – even in this appalling mess, that mankind has made of this world by turning our backs on God’s love for us – we, that again seek His refuge, great mercy and faithfulness, in all humility and wonder, have it then given to us to look at the world through the much clearer lens of the Bible.

The sixty-six book collection of the holy scriptures, and its genius blue print for a successful escape from the horrors due any moment now, give us also, Creationism. That is to say, that every living thing, including ourselves, are the result not of ‘evil-lution’ but of intelligent design.

In the photo panel below are two very efficient predators. And both were very deliberately put together to do a job … and to do it really, really, well in fact. Both are equipped with flight and navigation systems, as well as those of target acquisition and weapons.

I just see one is quite clearly and indeed infinitely more accomplished and exquisite – in design terms – than the other.

My picture (I am sorry, I borrowed the helicopter one under common licence … hopefully) is of a Ruddy Darter [Sympetrum sanguineum], a Dragon Fly, that I found on a Lavender plant in my garden

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Deu 14:19  “And every creeping thing that flieth is unclean unto you: they shall not be eaten.”

No problem keeping that one then! I just took a portrait and he went about his business.

There was a moment however, whilst taking this picture that his eyes swivelled to look at me. I felt as though it had ‘locked on’ so to speak: Assessing a target.

Viewing this small beastie through my very fine optical equipment, rendered it to me as though viewed from the viewpoint of a prospective prey and I have to say, that it was not inconsiderably intimidating and I was glad when he broke eye contact – presumably dismissing me as being a non-viable target.

HalleluYAH! 😀


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