Is Your Church Discussing End Time Prophesy?: Don’t Get Left Behind!


It is not merely that the world’s big denominational church institution neglecting parts of the Bible, but that there is an active agenda to keep The Truth concealed from you. Jew or Gentile there are those who seek to keep you ignorant and biblically illiterate.

They key is the name of Jesus Christ in the hebrew His name is Yahshua and it means salvation.

So wherever you see salvation in the first covenant (The Old Testament) or the renewed covenant (The New Testament) put in His name and the whole cannon of scripture is unlocked for you.

We all have a commission from the creator of all things to seek out The Truth for ourselves. We must not leave that work to anybody else. If you need help then pray to God for it; do not rely on the authorities whether spiritual or otherwise to lead you anywhere.

The Truth is the living God and the ONLY way to that Truth is through the person on Yahshua Ha’Mashiach who paid the price for you so that you won’t have to.

Be obedient to Him because He loves you and He is alive and coming to gather us all very soon now.


Listen here to Steve and Bill. Theirs is a really wide ranging conversation of the sort all churches should be having rather organising jumbles sales and raising money for buildings, pipe organs and the like.


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