A Metaphor Or The Truth?

Imagine a room full of partying people having a really good time. In the room on a table is what is said to be a ticking time bomb. But people think it is a joke. You are told that there is a narrow gate, on the other side of the room “You can get out you know, over there. But hey, it is not really a bomb. It’s a metaphor …”.

You go over to earnestly check the ticking metaphor. You decide for yourself, and think,  “This is not a sodding metaphor! … it is a bloody bomb!” You rush around grabbing as many people as will listen, to try and get them to come with you to the gate. Some do, others won’t, and some even tell you to piss off. Then the organisers of the party start coming after you because you are ruining everything for them.

One of your friends yells to you “I will follow you soon, I just want to take it easy for a while longer. I’m having a great time”.

You look on for a moment at your friend disappearing back into the festivities, then back toward the ticking metaphor, and then at the narrow gate. A stranger taps you on the shoulder, “Excuse me! Great here isn’t it? What time is it?”

The Way is towards the gate right now. The Truth is on the table. The Life is the other side of the gate.


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