People of Gaza Being Rescued From Death


I think it is important to bear in mind that the proposition here is not about giving up your god for someone else’s god. There is only one true God, one Father of all creation. He always was your Father God, He is now, and, He will be so for all eternity.

The only question He puts to you is: Are you coming home to Me, or are you going to turn your back on Me … for all eternity?

Separation from Him who IS love will soon be irreversible. Can you imagine an existence without love in it? Or even truly conceive of what that might be like in reality?

Remember, that one true God means that by definition anything else is false.

Also, that the ONLY way to Our Father is through Yahshua Ha’Massiah. He is the only one who shed His blood that we might live. No other so-called god has done this. No other so-called god has risen from the dead either.

There is an proactive mission to deceive you and you will not be safe until you have put your whole self into the safe-keeping of Elohim.

The Word of God and His precious Son Yahshua were delivered to us through the Nation of Israel and He alone offers an eternity of God’s love; never again to be separated from Him.

It requires only for you to seek him through His Word, to pray to Him and He alone for everything that you need and to enjoy relationship with Your Father through His beloved Son.

No one is not invited, all may call on the Name of Yahshua. He will come to you and He will save you.

May His perfect peace rest upon you and remain with you, whoever you are, for ever.



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