Messianic Rabbi Zev Porat rejoices with believers in Yahshua, as Elohim’s abundant favour returns to the land of Israel.

Through the miraculous technology of the internet I am, instead of using it for viewing attractive and naked women and other such empty purposes as in the ark days of my murky past, able now instead to keep in touch and up to date, directly and without need of increasingly corrupted Journalisim. Learning what is going on in Israel for ordiary folk like me from them themselves. How fantastic it is!

There are very many ordinary people communicating their view of the Truth now from very many parts of the World. Like taking for suppliments or vitimins I strongly recommend seeking some out for yourself as a protection against being decieved some wholesome information. Yahshua Ha’Mashiah commanded us not to be deceived and this is one of many ways of avoiding that.

Enjoy the expressed joy of our brothers and sister’s in Elohim’s chosen city, rejoicing, not at victories or conquerings but rather at Abba Father’s abundant provision and protection afforded to them as more and more Jews now are turning to embrace their wonderful Mashiah. Not long to go now my friend. Behold He is coming very soon!

At last! HalleluYAH indeed!


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