Regarded as social terrorism to even criticise … you know … it!

A brave tackling of a difficult topic of discussion. But I have to report that, not only am I not doing the Christmas thing, I am not hiding in a cave either!

Nor do I have any desire to participate in the Zombie party that Christmas has become more recently, or take part in the consumer frenzy. Perhaps it is more difficult for a teacher of Elohim’s Word. I, after all, do not carry the burden of a global audience to upset.

I will, indeed try and share the story of the birth of Yuhshua. We are the ‘called out ones’ after all, quite used to finding ourselves seemingly ‘offside’ from time to time. We are required to come out of the World and its ways. But I am not going into the streets to stop people shopping; or sabotaging the Christmas Trees; or Pulling Santa Claus’ beards off. I am just not doing it – period. You can not do it with me, or carry on following your traditions and fun times. If you want to know why I am not doing it I will sit down, perhaps even over a coffee and mince pie, and tell you – should you think to ask me. People do you know.

But choosing not to do it, seems to attract more hostility than you might imagine – folk don’t like people who call themselves Christian and ‘Don’t do Christmas’ for reasons I do not fully understand. There are many other ‘traditions’ I have got shot of also, but this one really pisses people off. It is regarded as social terrorism to even criticise … you know … it.

What is really encouraging, is to – whilst receiving condemnation for not joining in with the travellers of the wide path – notice that Elohim seems to reward good behaviour from the hearts of His believers who run from this sort of mumbo-jumbo. Just in the same way that blessing Israel can be an uncomfortable business too. But there again condemnation from the World, but untold rewards from Abba Father for just doing things as He has commanded that we should and keeping a right heart towards others where ever possible.

This video is a brave comment and tackled with great sincerity I believe. I shall continue to listen, but equally, I shall consult my Father on what I should be doing and leave free, as our Father does, others to drift away from the narrow and difficult to navigate path to the narrow gate; if they insist on doing so, shaking the dust from my feet as I depart. Shalom! And God bless Israel!


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