Christmas Fundementalist

This year I have renounced Christmas totally. I am, so far, successfully having absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with it. On the basis that it has nothing whatsoever to do with The Word and of Elohim, and yet claims to have everything to do with all of it.

It is foul! An abomination. When one wakes up to the truth of this world, it is staggering, nauseating to discover, just what we have been doing, and for so many hundreds of years too. To look upon the symbology and the deceit and the bad fruits that Christmas brings forth, makes one feel physically sick.

Yet people, people that I love, would more easily disown me than to disown and become separated from their Christmas! Do they have any concept of what it may mean to be separated from Elohim, Our Abba Father?

I celebrated Hanukkah this year instead. I bought the candles and nine branched holder months ago and have been looking forward to it a lot. Each night I said the blessing, with candle in hand, and lit the others in the prescribed fashion. Had I been with family we could have made a wonderfully giving and sharing time of it, had just as much fun and at the same time drawn closer to Our Father instead of insulting Him and causing Him hurt. But it is just me, the “Christian fundementalist” as I was mockingly described, not so long ago, alone in my upper room.

On the eighth night of Hanukkah however, and as the last of the full brightness of the nine candles began to go out, an Atheist friend presents me with the most beautiful Prayer Shawl, a Tallit Gadol. Something I had looked at previously but decided that it wasn’t for the likes of me and that it really is a sacred garment used by others.

Well! Looks like Abba disagrees and sent me one, does it not!. I know it is from Him because of two things: The immaculate timing of its appearance in my life, and the person He chose to use in carrying out this important delivery.

Truly, I have no greater thing in my possession. All praise to Elohim!!


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