Trey Calls Whooaaaaa!

I like Trey Smith’s stuff! He has a style all of his own that zeros in to the heart of Biblical issues, specifically as they relate to our current predictament in these troubling end times.There is much talk about an

There is much talk about an imminant ‘Rapture’ event, and, as much as I adore the prospect of being ‘caught-up’ and taken home the idea that there is in fact more time for us (The Bride) sits easily with me also. Basically, I will keep doing the best job I can and seeking to grow in The Word until I am pulled out of here, still ‘at it’, at a time that is pleasing to Our Father.

I think Trey is to be credited for introducing a note of calm before we all miss the mark yet again. What is so true to say, is that we have all benefited from a loud ‘call to attention’ and that more time to consolidate on the fruits of that call can only be a good thing. In anycase I have an awful lot more to get on with.

In all things may Elohim’s will be done.


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