Battle Stations!

I have had, for some time now, a sense of mounting urgency with respect to my belief in the plans of Elohim for the world. Both my knowledge and my certainty concerning the return of Yehoshua – first to gather His belivers and then to reign on Earth – has been increasing over recent years. But not at a steady pace! No, it has be gathering pace, accelerating to the point now where I know that I am – praise Elohim! – being prepared for something truly Biblical in proportion and significance beyond anything I could have thought possible even a few years ago. I have the sense now that I will, as a guided missile, reach my target. Not through any great genius on my part, but rather because I am wonderfully and fearfully designed to do so.

I dont feel fearful, it is not really any sense of anxiety either, although I do not fully understand why I am not affected by either or both of these emotions given what is undoubtedly about to happen. As if by an unseen tutor, I have been guided unswervingly to the best teachings on the Planet; through a maze of false teachings and bypassing at once, time consuming rabbit holes and long dead end avenues of babbling nonesense.

My humble prayers of thanks go out for the likes of the Koinonia Institute, who gave to me a renewed and a thorough understanding of the Word; showing me the Bible to be so much more than merely a book of words; even more than living word. I was shown the Bible to be a divinely inspired message system full of hidden and absolute positive authentications from Elohim Himself. A collection of 66 books, penned by over 40 individuals, over a period of around 2,000 years that has produced an integrated message system that is so sophisticated in its design, that it has withstood all attempts by ‘the enemy’ to destroy the message that it carries to us today. Check out the best Bible I have come across to date here.

Also to Scott Clarke, who watches and has interpreted phrophecies and the signs above to sound the call to battle stations in readiness for the imininant operation for Yuhshua dispatched by YHWH to go get His people from out of all the Earth.

The latest in this trinity of beloved helpers is Alan Horvath. Alan’s teachings are amazing! The effect of them (that is to say those effects that I am even aware of) is to focus and calm me. Gently beginning the work of adjusting my language and terms of reference towards the glorious and unstoppable work of Elohim; to a sound more pleasing to Him and to cease from hurting Him through ignorant and ungrateful disobedience. Alan’s teachings are endlessly exhaustive. His patience and attentiveness to all, appears boundless, and I have been absorbing the knowledge and wisdom of his many videos like a sponge. Consuming the spiritual food like a starving man.

There are of course many others who’s work I have benefited from too and that I am grateful for also. But for the purposes of this post and to offer onwards to others the great gifts that I have been given, these are the key ones. They are mostly all connected anyway. That is to say that in visiting these three will doubtless bring you into contact with many others that orbit around the same truth.

I have made many mistakes in my life, and, it should be noted, done a few good turns too. But here is the thing: There is nothing you have done that can separate you from the love of Yahshua ha Mashiach if you will just reach out to Him now. Try and go it alone, relying on your own power or those of other empty false promises and you will be seriously out classed by the fallen ones – know that!

Only the creator Elohim has the plan and He has already won the war at the victory of the cross; all you have to do is to love him back – simple really. This is just the mopping up operation now. Israel (The elect) has her own destiny and the called out ones (The Righteous) have theirs, but we all belong as one to Elohim.

Don’t ever say I never warned you. I just did!

I hope this post serves to benefit others and brings you, dear reader, to the way, the truth in the life eternal.

“I’ve read the Upanishads and the Vedas, Krishna and the Mahabharata … I’ve studied Buddism, Rosecrucianism, Scientology and Christian Science … I’ve read the Course in Miracles numerous times … but none of any of those holds a single grain of sand when compared to the endless shores of Yahshua (Christ) and what the Scriptures have to reveal to anyone who looks into them with any sincerity.   No one has ever claimed to be Messiah and no one has ever spoken of the Shamayim (Heaven) from the standpoint of having been there themselves … except for One; Yahshua ha Mashiach — the only begotten Son of YHWH — “… for there is no other name under heaven given to men by which we must be saved.” Alan Horvath

Shalom chavarim 🤓


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