The Bible: Just Another Book? Oh Really?

There are folk around, apparently, who hold the view that the Bible is just another book. I know! Unbelievable, but there we are.
Some advance its significance a mere smidgen, by crediting it as being an “inspirational book”, but nothing much more than that. Some give it no more credit than being the fanciful scribblings of a handful of Jews, sitting in a tent in a desert somewhere, who had a lot of time on their hands.
It can be clearly demonstrated, in all kinds of ways, and beyond all reasonable doubt that this incredible work, penned by forty different individuals over a period of around two thousand years, had to be ‘authored’ outside of our dimension of time and space – even though the ink was applied to the parchment by humans – and it is therefore utterly unique in the World today.
It is crammed full of such authentications, from Genesis in the Old Testament, right through to the Book of Revelation in the New Testament. Signatures, many of them concealed beneath the texts, that testify to this fact. No other book on Earth can claim this.
Here, Dr Chuck Missler demonstrates just one such occurrence found in the Gospel of Mark. A mathematical authentication of The Word, that could not be reproduced with our most powerful computers – well, not in a timely manner at least.

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