Failed Search For An Apostolic Succession Validation.

I had a conversation this weekend about the “apostolic succession” (I know! My life is just all fun, fun, fun.) I knew that what was being offered to me was fundamentally wrong. But to explain these hugely entangled and emotively charged things, and not being blessed with an encyclopedic knowledge of scripture, can be hugely counter-productive if attempted on the hoof as it were.
My own search has been for truth, not for confirmation of what I have been told. But everything I have discovered for myself leads me straight back to the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The true joy of this renewed discovery comes however, from feeling no scintilla of shame in confessing it today.
It saddens me deeply to be put in a position of attacking other people’s traditions, as it can be painful for them. But if something is wrong, then It is wrong and to watch someone fall into a pit without attempting to do anything about it is unthinkable.
Equally there is no one that I have ever known, that I would not have experience the same peace of heart that I enjoy and the comfort and rest promised to us all, if only we would reach out and ask for it with a right heart and to the right and only ultimate authority.
We were clearly warned not to be deceived and that the road to truth is a narrow and a difficult one. Deceit, sadly, is all around us, everywhere and every day.
This information is therefore offered, with my love, not condemnation, to those who search for themselves for the “way, the truth and the life” too … see you in the Kingdom to come 😉

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