My Bible: A very fine instrument

I often liken my Bible – or should I say Bibles. Years ago a friend once said with eyes wide, “I have never seen so many Bibes in one room!” There were only a dozen maybe. Is that a lot? I didn’t think so at the time, and there are a couple more now! – anyway, I liken the Bible to an instrument, or more specifically, to a compass.

A compass is of course, assuming it was not found in a Christmas cracker, a finely made instrument.

Now anyone can pick up a compass and probably determine where North, South, East and West is, roughly. But if you were to perhaps one day find yourself in a situation where your very life might depend upon its use, wouldn’t you have wanted to have spent a little bit of time, previously, learning how to use it accurately and, to something approaching its full potential?

You might wonder: Is there anything I should understand about how it works; can I trust it: is that true North?

In a very real sense the Bible is an instrument of navigation and has been for many hundreds of years. But you can open a Bible and read words all day long and still be none the wiser; as to where you are; or which way to go from here; or why; or “What is truth?” to quote Pontius Pilate.

Get to know your Bible well, as an instrument, learn to understand it, trust it and you can sorjourn in this dark world with more and more confidence; with more certaintity, more purposefully and seek out truth … for yourself.

That is the promise.

I studied with the Koinonia Institute with Dr Chuck Missler’s wonderful series of 24, 1 hour lectures called ‘Learn The Bible in 24 Hours’.

Of course you cannot learn all there is to know in 24hours but what it does give you is a strategic overview of the whole Bible from Genesis to The book of Revelation. It will seek to demonstrate to you, how it is that the Bible is not a merely a collection of 66 books but is in fact an integrated message system, designed outside of our space time dimension. It will show you how to read and interrogate what the Bible says, FOR YOURSELF!, as Dr Missler repeatedly urges that we all do.

If you would like to explore this further check out the course HERE.

Blessings upon you for reading this.


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