Come Lord Jesus – Come Soon

popI had continued my Scripture studies into the night and the small hours of the morning. Much of it was internet based; videos on Archaeological discoveries the links to which I posted and archived here.

When I awoke the following morning, my very first thought was of Jesus. I greeted Him as if He were there with me. “Morning Jesus!” I said sleepily. Much as I might have greeted my Dad in the morning when he was alive, though I didn’t enquire Jesus if had slept well too, as I might have of my Dad.

I felt fine and rested and offered a number of things and people that were on my mind up to Him, together with my apologies for my weakness, my gratitude and thanks. “I want to be Yours Lord. Whatever you want of me; whatever you want that I should do; where I should go; what I should speak; what I should write this is all I desire in this World anymore.”

I rose from my bed, stretched and made a cup of tea in the kitchen. I sat at my desk with sipping it’s warming comfort and then presently bowed my head in my hands and thought of all I had seen the night before. I then remembered a particular passage of scripture in the New Testament that I thought i would review.

My enormous and beautiful leather-bound KJV Bible – that had been graciously returned to me by my ex-wife this Christmas – was on my desk where I had left it earlier in the morning. I remembered book marking the place with one of the Book’s two ribbons. So I prayed and kissed it’s front cover and pulled a ribbon to open it at the page.

But it opened not at the page that I had thought of, but at Psalms. So I began to read Psalm 37. A Psalm I have read many times and one that has spoken to me many times. But to the best of my recollection it had not caused me to weep before.

Each verse seemed to cause a different feeling to compliment my tears; a godly sorrow; a mourning for others;grief for the loss of all those I have loved; love for my family and friends; love for my Lord God and Saviour; tears for my humility in his presence. I found myself caressing the book’s fat pages, even kissing the text as it reassured me and calmed my soul and seemed to address each of the items of my morning’s prayer one after the other. I lifted my hands to heaven and gave thanks with a feeling of complete certainty that I was to be saved and be among saved.

I kept reading and it kept on speak directly to my condition. I had heard someone describe recently how prayer is how we communicate to God and God’s living word is one of the means by which God speaks to us; possibly the most often used methods. So if one does not read and take it seriously we deny God this communication route.

My prayers are almost always private and I share this one with you now, not to boast of anything, but more to encourage you to persist. Pray, read, seek, search and indeed you will find as I have and you will be joined with us all on the glorious day that Jesus returns to claim his Bride.

Come Lord Jesus! Come soon.


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