Rude Awakening

Christian’s in the UK have just celebrated the birth of little baby Jesus. For a second year I have been unable to join in this ‘Officially ordained’ partaaay!!

Consider: Jesus, even as a newborn, was a REFUGEE fleeing death; He grew up mocked for being illegitimate, drunks mocking Him in the street with songs; as early as His 30’s he was TORTURED then MURDERED on a cross.

Now think of Aleppo. Refugee’s fleeing death, followers of Jesus in the same part of the World being persecuted and murdered, that we in other parts of the World may not have done nearly enough to understand what is going – certainly not early on enough – let alone done anything to stop it. Indeed, our own leaders may have helped to set the stage supplying weapons to the whole blood bath.

Even going to Church every Sunday; giving a few quid to charity; being friendly to strangers and minding one’s own business may turn out to sound more than a little lame if that dusty old Bible turns out to have been our best hope in this World.

When all truth is revealed and one has been rudely awoken from the supposed oblivion of one’s own death; to be called one by one to answer for the sum total of our own glorious gift of life, to a God who has suffered as a Man himself and from whom nothing can be hidden – or indeed, ever could have been.

Happy Christmas!! Mince Pie anyone?

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