Welcome to my website. Having spent my life to date establishing where truth is to be found, I discover that it was with me every step of the way.

My quest from here onwards, is to explore the mysteries and wonders of the most valuable and astonishing book that has ever been written; to discover my own life purpose from it; to share its wisdom and teaching with anyone who knows to follow Jesus Christ; to avoid deception and to surrender my spirit only to our heavenly Father.

“God comes first” Rev John A Sampford


Stephen Sampford served a total of two years in two employments with The London Ambulance Service as frontline ambulance crew. In between those two periods of ambulance work he worked for The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea as a Mobile Warden caring for elderly and vulnerable adults.

Throughout his career he was, at various points, elected as a union staff representative fighting, as he put it “For fairness and honourable employment relationships against intransigent, bullish and insensitive politically driven dogmas; from both employers and, increasingly out of touch trade ‘Super-union’ corporations.”

“It made me ill in the end and I soon came to realise, after retiring early from The London Ambulance Service, that the war against injustice and inhumanity – in a worldly sense – cannot ever be won. The battle that ultimately will be won however, is fought out at a spiritual level; a war in which we mortal creations of God are both the pawns and the prize.”